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Writing essays, understandably, is one of the least enjoyable aspects of being a college student.  Every semester you know you have to waddle through at least six essays, all on various topics and varying styles. You never know exactly what your professor is looking for, and for most students essay writing is like walking through a minefield with a blindfold. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for and take out the stress from writing an essay, just as long as you actually follow them!

Use your class notes

This one only applies if you attended the classes. Your professor will expect the material used in lecture notes to somehow influence your essay. This might be by supporting or refuting arguments used in class, expounding on an idea or showing its relevance to your field of study. It is good to peruse your notes as you prepare for your essay writing.

Do research

Yes, there’s that building that looks somewhat like a museum on your campus grounds called a library. To prepare for your essay writing, visit the library and do some research for your essay. Try and make the research exciting by going with a friend from class (not the one you have a crush on).

Understand the assignment

How can you write an essay if you don’t know what you are being asked to write about. Make sure you understand the assignment before you even think about writing essays. Otherwise, you will very correctly answer the wrong question and still fail the test.

Discuss the question

To help you understand the question for your essay writing, discuss it with a group of friends who share the class. See whether they interpret the question as you do, and get pointers on how to answer the question-correctly


Look for an interesting angle

Once you are sure you know what your essay is going to be about, then try and look for a different but interesting angle in which to approach your essay writing. This will make it more exciting for you to write the essay.

Talk to your professor

If you are having problem preparing for your essay, talk to your professor about it (if he doesn’t bite). Please make sure you have a clue when you do so; tell him/her how far you have gone in your analysis/research, and where you are having a problem. You will find this very useful.

Frame your answer

Before you write your essay, frame an answer to your question. What are you being asked? Do you actually answer the questions? Do you support the arguments you give? Is your reasoning logical? Do you provide reference material supporting your answer? If you answer these questions adequately, you are ready to write your essay.

Set a time and date

Now set a time and a date to do the actual essay writing. Make sure that it is far away enough from your professor’s deadline so that you have time to re-write, edit, and procrastinate!


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