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I don’t know about you, but I am one person who cherishes friends because over time I have come to take cognizance of the fact that some times friends stick closer than a brother. My best friend in this world is called Joe; I knew him when I was four and he was five. We went to the same junior school and luckily the same high school. It goes without say that I know him in and out, and he likewise with me. We share so many interests; for instance both of us love watching soccer, though he was never really good at playing it. We also love writing essays, though I have to eat a humble pie and say he was better than me. This is not to say I am pathetic at it; far from it. In fact, in the last essay writing competition we had before completing high school I was second after him when the results were finally released.
I grew so fond of Joe that just by looking at him I could tell whether he was lying or telling the truth. I like him immensely. After our high school however, just before we joined college, Joe’s father-a respected lawyer in our state- decided to move to another state and in so doing moved with his whole family. I felt devastated at being separated from Joe; he was more than a brother to me. My stay at home before I joined campus was largely uneventful, for want of a better term. What I was used to doing with Joe no longer made sense to me whenever I did it alone; there was no charm in it, so to speak. I used to communicate with him umpteen times a day, via email, calls, texts and what have you but that couldn’t appease me in the least of ways.
I joined campus a very disconsolate guy; I honestly didn’t know how my life would pan out without Joe in it. He had been trying hard all summer to secure a chance in the university I was to join but at the time I was joining he had not succeeded. As I toil through campus, I still hope Joe will make it to come here before I finish my first year. I am so used to him and long-distance communication is not doing me any good.


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