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Posted January 14, 2012 by bessaywriting in Hellotxt

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I am not ashamed to say I am an atheist; in fact I have written so many essays on the same from my desk at Success essay writing Services Company where I work as a part time essayist despite being a university student. I didn’t take up the job for talent reasons as much as for fulfilling money, and the truth is that I have never regretted my decision as I have never been affected in any way as relates to my academic life. My failure to be a Christian-or take up any religion for that matter-hasn’t prevented from learning that money is the root of all evil. It is common knowledge that somehow somebody behaves differently when he has money, if hitherto he didn’t have it, or as much as what he has now.

I came face to face with that fact a year ago when I was in my second year and it taught me an unforgettable lesson. My best friend growing up was called Emmanuel, and as though planned we joined the same university, albeit to study different courses. Six months after joining campus, Emmanuel landed a part-time job in a town firm as a computer guy (I never bothered to learn the exact capacity he worked as) and life began going on the up for him. My life wasn’t below par as such, but with a part-time job you certainly expect that his life was better than mine.

At the start of my second year, my parents perished in a ghastly road accident and that came with financial difficulty on my part among other challenges. When I was financially down whom else could I go to than my friend Emmanuel, a person who knew my predicament like no other human being? Surprisingly, Emmanuel turned me down. I felt pathetic, because it was then that I realized how true it is that money can change somebody. I got the essay job not long after, but I have never trusted Emmanuel again.

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When joining a college or university of your choice, you do it with the intention of achieving something important in your career life. There has been no student who has gone through the hassles of college life with the intention of failing or coming out empty handed. It is for this reason that there are many professionals who are willing to help many students especially when it comes to essay writing.  This is one of the most important parts of the students’ course life and one cannot ignore it. There are so many hurdles on the way of a student which poses a major challenge that could lead to a total flop in your final grading. It is therefore very important to be prepared and where you feel inadequate you should see for help.

Normally, essay writing is very important and this cannot be over-emphasized. There are so many advantages that help you in the preparation for your future career life as you seek to climb up the ladder. There is however nothing expensive that is ever obtained cheaply and hard work will have to be directed towards the actual writing process. Many students take this process for granted only to realize how important it was when it is too late. This should not be the case for you though. You must go through the course knowing that an essay will need to be written and the process will depend on your through preparations throughout your class time as well as other times that you spend with your friends.

In many cases, many college students waste a lot of time in social life due to the fact that many taste freedom for the first time when they join a college or university. The four years or so therefore becomes a time for them to run wild and they forget the main reason as to why they applied to join a particular college or university. It is however very important to ensure that you have struck a balance and concentrate on your academic life as of primary importance. This concentration will bear fruits in the long run and you will appreciate the fact that you did not waste your time.

With so many essay writing professional and online writing service providers, you should take advantage of them during all your preparation period so as to gain the necessary tools that will help you achieve your goal at the end of the day.

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I don’t know about you, but I am one person who cherishes friends because over time I have come to take cognizance of the fact that some times friends stick closer than a brother. My best friend in this world is called Joe; I knew him when I was four and he was five. We went to the same junior school and luckily the same high school. It goes without say that I know him in and out, and he likewise with me. We share so many interests; for instance both of us love watching soccer, though he was never really good at playing it. We also love writing essays, though I have to eat a humble pie and say he was better than me. This is not to say I am pathetic at it; far from it. In fact, in the last essay writing competition we had before completing high school I was second after him when the results were finally released.
I grew so fond of Joe that just by looking at him I could tell whether he was lying or telling the truth. I like him immensely. After our high school however, just before we joined college, Joe’s father-a respected lawyer in our state- decided to move to another state and in so doing moved with his whole family. I felt devastated at being separated from Joe; he was more than a brother to me. My stay at home before I joined campus was largely uneventful, for want of a better term. What I was used to doing with Joe no longer made sense to me whenever I did it alone; there was no charm in it, so to speak. I used to communicate with him umpteen times a day, via email, calls, texts and what have you but that couldn’t appease me in the least of ways.
I joined campus a very disconsolate guy; I honestly didn’t know how my life would pan out without Joe in it. He had been trying hard all summer to secure a chance in the university I was to join but at the time I was joining he had not succeeded. As I toil through campus, I still hope Joe will make it to come here before I finish my first year. I am so used to him and long-distance communication is not doing me any good.

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Writing essays, understandably, is one of the least enjoyable aspects of being a college student.  Every semester you know you have to waddle through at least six essays, all on various topics and varying styles. You never know exactly what your professor is looking for, and for most students essay writing is like walking through a minefield with a blindfold. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for and take out the stress from writing an essay, just as long as you actually follow them!

Use your class notes

This one only applies if you attended the classes. Your professor will expect the material used in lecture notes to somehow influence your essay. This might be by supporting or refuting arguments used in class, expounding on an idea or showing its relevance to your field of study. It is good to peruse your notes as you prepare for your essay writing.

Do research

Yes, there’s that building that looks somewhat like a museum on your campus grounds called a library. To prepare for your essay writing, visit the library and do some research for your essay. Try and make the research exciting by going with a friend from class (not the one you have a crush on).

Understand the assignment

How can you write an essay if you don’t know what you are being asked to write about. Make sure you understand the assignment before you even think about writing essays. Otherwise, you will very correctly answer the wrong question and still fail the test.

Discuss the question

To help you understand the question for your essay writing, discuss it with a group of friends who share the class. See whether they interpret the question as you do, and get pointers on how to answer the question-correctly


Look for an interesting angle

Once you are sure you know what your essay is going to be about, then try and look for a different but interesting angle in which to approach your essay writing. This will make it more exciting for you to write the essay.

Talk to your professor

If you are having problem preparing for your essay, talk to your professor about it (if he doesn’t bite). Please make sure you have a clue when you do so; tell him/her how far you have gone in your analysis/research, and where you are having a problem. You will find this very useful.

Frame your answer

Before you write your essay, frame an answer to your question. What are you being asked? Do you actually answer the questions? Do you support the arguments you give? Is your reasoning logical? Do you provide reference material supporting your answer? If you answer these questions adequately, you are ready to write your essay.

Set a time and date

Now set a time and a date to do the actual essay writing. Make sure that it is far away enough from your professor’s deadline so that you have time to re-write, edit, and procrastinate!

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