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I am not ashamed to say I am an atheist; in fact I have written so many essays on the same from my desk at Success essay writing Services Company where I work as a part time essayist despite being a university student. I didn’t take up the job for talent reasons as much as for fulfilling money, and the truth is that I have never regretted my decision as I have never been affected in any way as relates to my academic life. My failure to be a Christian-or take up any religion for that matter-hasn’t prevented from learning that money is the root of all evil. It is common knowledge that somehow somebody behaves differently when he has money, if hitherto he didn’t have it, or as much as what he has now.

I came face to face with that fact a year ago when I was in my second year and it taught me an unforgettable lesson. My best friend growing up was called Emmanuel, and as though planned we joined the same university, albeit to study different courses. Six months after joining campus, Emmanuel landed a part-time job in a town firm as a computer guy (I never bothered to learn the exact capacity he worked as) and life began going on the up for him. My life wasn’t below par as such, but with a part-time job you certainly expect that his life was better than mine.

At the start of my second year, my parents perished in a ghastly road accident and that came with financial difficulty on my part among other challenges. When I was financially down whom else could I go to than my friend Emmanuel, a person who knew my predicament like no other human being? Surprisingly, Emmanuel turned me down. I felt pathetic, because it was then that I realized how true it is that money can change somebody. I got the essay job not long after, but I have never trusted Emmanuel again.


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